Stainless Steel craftsmanship at Lyman-Morse FabricationWith a deep history of building bespoke stainless hardware for our boat and marine related customers, Lyman-Morse Fabrication has gained decades of experience and now holds a deep understanding of stainless steel and its properties; at a level beyond the majority of metal fabrication shops in the U.S.   The ability to select the correct grade of stainless for the job is paramount to the success of any project involving this incredible material.

As any fabricator who has worked with stainless steel will tell you, it can be a challenging material to work with.  For example, distortion is a major concern in the welding process.  Over an extensive history of working with this material Lyman-Morse has learned many valuable lessons, lessons which on occasion have had to be learned the hard way, but this is experience which our customers now benefit from.  Knowing what can and can’t be achieved, coupled with knowing how long it’s going to take, at the outset of a stainless project, pays dividends for both Lyman-Morse and its customers.

Lyman-Morse will help guide its customers in making the right choice in material grade by assisting in the consideration of factors surrounding the project.  Factors such as structural requirements, corrosion, exposure to heat, dissimilar metal compatibility, aesthetic finish options, compatibility with adhesives in structural applications, etc.  The list is actually quite endless, but likewise, so is the experience of our team.


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